Crystal Healing Editing

Healing Crystals and related Chakra spots

Healing Crystals and related Chakra spots

When I was told that we would be editing Wikipedia pages as an assignment I started to understand why all those years teachers and professors had said that “Wikipedia is not a credible source”. Once we started getting into talking about Wikipedia though and how edited it is it made me question whether or not it actually is credible, because while anyone with a Wikipedia account can edit pages that are not protected they are so edited that any bad information gets edited out pretty quickly. I took on editing by adding content to the Crystal Healing page. Once I read through the page I realized that it is lacking much information about crystal healing in general and which crystals and gems are used in the act of using crystals to heal someone/something. I took the courtesy to add a list of commonly used crystals and gems along with what they are known to do and what they help with overall. While the page is still lacking in much information, I believe that adding this portion helps readers to understand what people mean when they say crystal healing. Venturing back into editing the rest of this page might be a future task for me, to expand on what is already stated to make the overall idea more clear to those who know nothing about the subject. Overall editing the actual page was not difficult and my edits have stayed up thus far. It is scary and entertaining knowing that anyone can get in there and change my work, but I enjoy it for the most part because it is seemingly based of the “it takes a village” ideal. Although the complete idea of crystal healing is not something that I believe in thoroughly (I do not believe that crystals can cure diseases or serious illness of any sort), I do believe that there is something mystic about the crystals and gems themselves. There is an unexplained beauty and simplicity that comes from them that I believe does give off energy. I have multiple crystals spread around my house, in windows being cleansed by sunlight, and many pieces that are jewelry that I consistently wear because I believe they bring a positive energy to me when I wear them. I am going to research this idea further and expand on it on the Wikipedia page, because I found the overall experience of editing it enjoyable in knowing that I am informing others on something that I believe that others are not familiar with. After being able to actual get into Wikipedia and play around I do understand why it will probably never be considered a credible source, but I believe it all depends on the page. I believe that some pages especially the protected ones are pretty credible for the fact that they are not as edible as others. Overall editing Wikipedia was easy and interesting, and personally I will be getting back on to edit some of the pages such as this one that I have researched and believe in.

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Bone Palaces


Case from Museum Fragonard

Last night I was watching Oddities: San Francisco which features the shop Loved to Death. The owners of the shop were helping a customer who wanted something to remind him of his old pal his organ grinding monkey. While trying to meet his request they go to Raymond Bandar’s Bone Palace. This mans collection made me curious as to what other bone palaces exist out there and and I stumbled upon a post on twitter posted by @morbidanatomy which is a list of the 5 Must Visit Oddities Museums Around the World . While all of these museums are not just featuring bones, they are bone palaces, and some of the most interesting Oddities Museums that i have ever looked into. I hope to one day be able to visit each of these at least once!

In fact Ryan Matthew Cohn just posted pictures a week ago on his Instagram from the Museum of Natural History and the Museum Fragonard (in the above article), while on his latest visit to Paris.

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St. Arnolds Spooky Brews

To begin I would like to state that i co wrote and co researched this with Matthew.


Exterior (night)

Brewing in Houston has been a ghost story in the making since the founder Brock Wagner started the St. Arnold Brewery in the building that resides at 2000 Lyons Avenue in 2009. The building itself has been around since 1914, which has given it the chance to be many things before, including haunted, but according to city records, the building at 2000 Lyons Avenue, doesn’t exist. Images from 1914 show the building and others around it, but City of Houston records show now buildings having been built there during that time.


A brewery is not the first place that many would imagine to be haunted, yet behind Texas’ oldest craft beer there is an odd story that includes the building being an overall mystery and ghost children possibly from the fire of 1912. On top of their fine crafted beer, a ghost story is lurking in the depths of that brewery. In fact, many stories have been told by employees of the brewery about hearing childrens laughter, singing, and shadows roaming inside.


“Philip Dagger, our packaging manager, and his 2- or 3-year-old daughter Sydney were in the brewery’s beer hall one night. Dagger was sitting at one of the tables while Sydney was playing near one of the corners of the hall. All of a sudden she points to an area near the windows that separates the beer hall from the brewhouse and shouts, “Hey Daddy! Kids!” Dagger looks over to where she is pointing but sees no one. Still, Sydney is insistent that there are children in that corner and continues to say, “Kids!” – Dennis Rhee


It has gathered so much attention that 39 Ghost Hunters visited there just last year to investigate the happenings of the brewery and had quite the experience. While they did not have a huge experience there, there were definite moments of paranormal activities of sorts. There are faces seen and children interacting with them, along with what sounds to be breathing and mumbling at one point. Personally, I am not totally convinced that all these ghost stories are true, and I would have to go down there and take my Ouija board with me and play around to find out, and one of these days I just might.


Another wrench in this scary story is that some of the employees aren’t even aware of the “supernatural” occurrences. When a family member of one of the employees was asked about the story by me, he had never heard of the rumors. He promptly asked his brother (who works for St. Arnold’s) who hadn’t heard of them either. As for now though I will say that there is something different about their story and their building, something eerie.


If the story behind the brewery interests you, there are daily tours every weekday and weekend. During this tour you can see if you have any paranormal experiences yourself and have one of their craft beers while you are at it! There are many skeptics towards this story along with any other ghost story,so whether it is the haunted history behind the brewery itself or just the good ol’ beer, go check it out and you can be the judge.


If you can’t make it down to Houston, though, there are plenty of places in DFW where you can get St. Arnold brews:


Matthew took the liberty of swinging by Central Market this week and picking up some to try for himself. Lack of full six packs made it impossible to get all of the kinds they carried, but he was able to grab Lawnmower, Santos, and Amber Ale. Lawnmower was my personal favorite, and since it seems to be their most popular, he is going to go over that.


From their website:

“A true German-style Kolsch. Originally brewed in Cologne, this beer is crisp & refreshing, yet has a sweet malty body that is balanced by a complex, citrus hop character. Multiple additions of German Hallertauer hops are used to achieve this delicate flavor. We use a special Kolsch yeast, an ale yeast that ferments at lager temperatures, to yield the slightly fruity, clean flavor of this beer. Fancy Lawnmower Beer is a world class brew yet light enough to be enjoyed by Texans after strenuous activities, like mowing the lawn.”

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Here, there, Cadavers Everywhere!


Gunther von Hagens posing with one of his bodies.


Inside out Animals

Recently I went and visited the Animals Inside Out exhibit at the Perot in Dallas, and this made me curious as the what other art and science there was with cadavers. I stumbled upon the idea of corpse art, which reminded me that there was an exhibit much the same with human cadavers at one point and found Gunther von Hagens the creator of Body Worlds, and Animals Inside Out. Strangely last night when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, something surprisingly relevant was there which lead to me writing this article over using petrified human body parts in art pieces.

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Dallas Tomorrow!

Expect pictures tomorrow, my boyfriend and i are on the hunt to add to our oddities collection!

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The “Antique” Gallery

I’m from Mesquite Texas, and being an avid thrifter and oddities lover I am always trying to find new places to find old items. Today before class i stopped off at a place called The Antique Gallery right in Mesquite. This place had once been known as Dusty Attic, an antique store that i frequented with my mom when i was little.

I was first off fairly surprised that it had re-opened under new ownership, and secondly surprised about how they had such high quality products right next to what i would call worthless junk. Being a thrifter i do not throw the term “junk” around lightly realizing that everyone has their own taste, but this place bothered me. At first glance when I wandered through the store I noticed many beautiful Victorian furniture pieces along with tons of fine china, but then I started to pay closer attention to the items. I started realizing that the prices seemed quite high for what you were getting but kept wandering around the store. As I kept walking through i noticed it seem to become less antiques and more swap meet type of products which i found to be false advertising since the storefront had clearly said “Antique Gallery”. The thing that I found that bothered me the most though was when i was going through a section with older movies, and stumbled upon a dvd that caught my attention. When i opened the dvd case up the original movie was not inside, but a burned copy of the movie. This incident leads me to believe that the owners of this store do not check out their vendors or their products and while they have some interesting items this bothers me. If you are going to let someone sell pirated dvds through your store that does not say much about your other products and makes me not want to shop there.

Now on the other hand, if you are from Mesquite and do not want to drive to Dallas to find thrift stores to browse in for your oddity needs, the store makes for an interesting time, but if you decide to purchase something I would double check and make sure you aren’t getting ripped off. Personally I would suggest just driving out to Dallas thrift/oddities stores instead.

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Terrific Tarot

The Goddess Tarot

Earlier today i was perusing the Dolly Python website to see what they have gotten in since my last visit. As i was scrolling through something caught my attention…tarot cards! I myself own a deck of art nuevo Oracle cards, and have been searching for a tarot deck much like this one. The rich history behind tarot cards is quite interesting compared to how they are used today, and it is interesting in fact that the use of the cards and the cards themselves have changed and adapted so much over the years. I had no clue that they were not always used for divinatory purposes, and am further intrigued as to how they are read. I will be learning how to read them myself and going and checking this deck out on Friday, and I can not wait!



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