Oddities Blog Love

Oddee is a popular website that posts almost daily on strange things around the world. This blog is not dedicated to the darker side of oddities like my blog is, but it does explore rare, odd, and unusual things.This blog is informing of everything strange as well as touches on things that are just interesting as well. Oddee was selected by PC Magazine among its Top 100 Web Sites of 2008 & 2010, by UK’s newspaper The Guardian as one of the the 100 essential websites of 2009 and picked by AsiaOne and Boston.com as a top reference for fun online.It’s one of most influential blogs in entertainment,it has become a true classic of the web with the new and fascinating growing culture of weird.

This is Ryan Matthew Cohn’s official tumblr. Cohn is an oddities bone artist and a buyer for Obscura Oddities and Antiques in New York featured in the first season of Oddities on the Science channel. He has it linked to his twitter, facebook,instagram, and his official site. This tumblr is his way of communicating with fans, and interested buyers of his oddities artworks. He frequently posts new photos and descriptions of his newest finds and pieces. Often there are personal posts as well which gives a look into the mind of an oddity lover.

Cult of Weird is a website much like Oddee that posts about all sorts of strange artifacts, to modern day oddities. This website has a blog that goes along with it but it is updated much less often than the actual website itself run by founder Charlie Hintz.Cult of Weird is an online museum of oddities and curiosities, exhibiting the strange and obscure from medical mishaps, anatomical atrocities, circus history and sideshow freaks, taxidermy, historical mysteries, bizarre inventions, antiques, offbeat art and more. Along with keeping viewers updated with the strange things of the world there is an option to view exhibits on things such as sideshows to freaks of nature,it also offers books over oddities and the strange for those who are interested. This site has an option for readers to send in their own stories via email to possibly get them put on the site as well after review.

The Dolly Python is a local thrift store in Dallas, this is their personal website that they update often when they get new products into the store.The owner Gretchen Bell started off the store as just being a vintage clothing store, and it stretched to be an “antique mall” that now has 20+ venders. Their store although mainly being a thrift store has some major oddities hiding within it. They pull unique and odd items from local artist and buy and sell strange pieces from anyone interested. Their collection goes from vintage clothing pieces to jewelry made of bone and taxidermy art. This is by far one of my favorite places to visit in Dallas for its eclectic range and choice of items and oddities. Every item or piece of clothing in the store fits into the “authentically odd” vibe of the overall store.

Odd Xtreme is a site that focuses more on the paranormal oddities of the world, than everyday oddities that can be found at antiques and thrift stores. It goes from ghost type stories to folklore of other countries and everything in between to make us question things that we are not sure about. This site is a metaphysical,paranormal outlook,and an alternative history view on the world.This site has many authors that contribute to it that all work for the site, just like a newspaper.


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