Wine with a Bite



Bottled snake wine

Last night for lack of better things to do I re-watched an entire season of Oddities: San Francisco, when I realized there was an episode that I must have just glimpsed through before because I had missed one of the coolest items that I have ever seen on the show. A seller brought the ladies at the shop snake wine that he was looking to sell. I was unfamiliar with the item so accordingly I googled it. Snake wine is an Asian booze that contains the bodies of venomous snakes and sometimes scorpions as well. It is known as a cure all and there are still people in Asia that drink it. When googling where you can find this product and just how much I would have to pay for it, i stumbled upon an article about a woman in China who makes her own snake wine and was bit by the “dead” pickled snake that had been in the wine for three months! If i do end up buying a bottle I’m for sure going to make sure that its a few years old to be positive that the only thing in the bottle with a bite is the drink itself! 

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