It’s a Frightmare

Any horror movie fanatic knows that its getting to be that time of year when the frights come out in the daytime, no it isn’t halloween its Texas Frightmare Weekend.   Last year I was unable to attend because of work, but this year I have high hopes of being able to attend. Upon attendance I am hoping to be able to meet the bone artist that my last post was about Forgotten Boneyard. He will be attending the 3rd -5th and selling some of his one of a kind pieces. There will be many guest attending such as George A. Romero the director of Night of the Living Dead and other “dead” movies, and actor Tobin Bell who played as Jigsaw in all of the SAW movies. There will be screenings of movies such as The Den,the world premiere [SX_Tape], Call Girl, and the world premiere of Circus of the Dead. Along with the screenings there will be parties held, a 666 horror movie trivia contest and of course the scariest thing of all karaoke! If you can’t make it out to any of the days of the actual event , Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is having a bit of a pre show where you can go and watch screenings of other popular horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project, and REPO! The Genetic Opera.

While horror movies are not technically an oddity in themselves I believe this festival to be quite odd in the attention that it draws, and some of the people who show up. I myself have always been a bit of a horror fanatic which drives the need to see the odd, grimy, gory things in real life. In fact some of the bone artist that i have come across such as Forgotten Boneyard are driven by their love of horror movies and it is what inspires them to make their odd art.


Texas Frightmare Weekend Logo 2014

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