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Tim Prince – Scorpion


Mirror – Tim Prince

When I first started this blog, I went through Twitter excessively trying to find strange things, and one of them that I came to admire is one that came to me. Forgotten Boneyard is an artist that I am very proud to have following me and likewise be following in return. The pieces created by this mastermind are unique, terrifying, and adorable all at the same time. The best part is that all of the pieces are made of bone, or real animals that have either been mummified or turned into wet specimens.

Tim Prince is an artistic genius in my eyes. Of all my years of finding and playing with animal bones growing up, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought to make art out of them. Prince has taken the scientific aspect of bone arrangement and turned it into an art all his own making beautiful replicas of creatures to display along with taking the bones and creating his own “monstrosities”. The best part is, he does not just work in bone, but also mummifies animals, and most interestingly to me creates wet specimens (kind of like those you would see in a Biology class lab except more artistic). These beautiful pieces are like none I have ever seen before. His bone pieces range from skeletons of his imagination, to pieces where he is using bone to adorn mirrors and household items. The bone adorned mirrors are by far my favorite pieces that I have seen, there is a mystique that  is carried within the mirrors, and a beautiful parallel between life, death, and beauty. Prince also makes custom orders, if you have something creepy that you would like to come to life for you much like his deathly flowers. The one flaw I do believe this art carries with it though is not an artistic flaw, in fact I believe these pieces are flawless, but I do believe that the market of buyers for this type of art is limited. Most people do not even realize this type of art is out there just yet, but the great thing alongside that is the fact that buyers of this art are actively seeking it out and craving more. Prince himself has already been featured on countless websites and in Girls and Corpses Magazine, but personally I believe he deserves much more attention that he and his artwork have already received. Personally I am a huge fan of his works and adore his artistic style, and hope to own one of those gorgeous mirrors one of these days!

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