Strange Supernodes

In class we have looked up supernode blogs, and I tried to find a supernode through twitter, but there were none that stuck out to me overall that I did not already follow so I quickly started stumbling through blogs and sites and where and what they would lead me to. Strangely enough one of the blogs that came up as an oddities supernode is a blog that I already follow on my personal Tumblr account. This tumblr account by Sarah Gill came up when I searched through some of the blogs that I follow for this blog.  Along with this tumblr that comes up as an oddities supernode there is also the Animal Planet Page that comes up, where an animal oddities blog is run. These two blogs have been linked before in common talk, but not majorly in the fact that while they do both talk about oddities they are very different aspects of odd. I was unaware that I was following an oddities supernode, and while this tumblr is mostly pictures of oddities, it has become very popular for oddities lovers and connects to small businesses such as Etsy.

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