Crystal Healing Editing

Healing Crystals and related Chakra spots

Healing Crystals and related Chakra spots

When I was told that we would be editing Wikipedia pages as an assignment I started to understand why all those years teachers and professors had said that “Wikipedia is not a credible source”. Once we started getting into talking about Wikipedia though and how edited it is it made me question whether or not it actually is credible, because while anyone with a Wikipedia account can edit pages that are not protected they are so edited that any bad information gets edited out pretty quickly. I took on editing by adding content to the Crystal Healing page. Once I read through the page I realized that it is lacking much information about crystal healing in general and which crystals and gems are used in the act of using crystals to heal someone/something. I took the courtesy to add a list of commonly used crystals and gems along with what they are known to do and what they help with overall. While the page is still lacking in much information, I believe that adding this portion helps readers to understand what people mean when they say crystal healing. Venturing back into editing the rest of this page might be a future task for me, to expand on what is already stated to make the overall idea more clear to those who know nothing about the subject. Overall editing the actual page was not difficult and my edits have stayed up thus far. It is scary and entertaining knowing that anyone can get in there and change my work, but I enjoy it for the most part because it is seemingly based of the “it takes a village” ideal. Although the complete idea of crystal healing is not something that I believe in thoroughly (I do not believe that crystals can cure diseases or serious illness of any sort), I do believe that there is something mystic about the crystals and gems themselves. There is an unexplained beauty and simplicity that comes from them that I believe does give off energy. I have multiple crystals spread around my house, in windows being cleansed by sunlight, and many pieces that are jewelry that I consistently wear because I believe they bring a positive energy to me when I wear them. I am going to research this idea further and expand on it on the Wikipedia page, because I found the overall experience of editing it enjoyable in knowing that I am informing others on something that I believe that others are not familiar with. After being able to actual get into Wikipedia and play around I do understand why it will probably never be considered a credible source, but I believe it all depends on the page. I believe that some pages especially the protected ones are pretty credible for the fact that they are not as edible as others. Overall editing Wikipedia was easy and interesting, and personally I will be getting back on to edit some of the pages such as this one that I have researched and believe in.

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