Bone Palaces


Case from Museum Fragonard

Last night I was watching Oddities: San Francisco which features the shop Loved to Death. The owners of the shop were helping a customer who wanted something to remind him of his old pal his organ grinding monkey. While trying to meet his request they go to Raymond Bandar’s Bone Palace. This mans collection made me curious as to what other bone palaces exist out there and and I stumbled upon a post on twitter posted by @morbidanatomy which is a list of the 5 Must Visit Oddities Museums Around the World . While all of these museums are not just featuring bones, they are bone palaces, and some of the most interesting Oddities Museums that i have ever looked into. I hope to one day be able to visit each of these at least once!

In fact Ryan Matthew Cohn just posted pictures a week ago on his Instagram from the Museum of Natural History and the Museum Fragonard (in the above article), while on his latest visit to Paris.

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