Curiosities Dallas

Curiosities is another store much like Dolly Python that sells oddities,antiques, and thrifted objects. This shop is out in White Rock, but is not very well know.


Curiosities Logo – Official Site

Curiosities was quite easy to find, but if you are not looking for it, the storefront would be easy to pass up. The outside was enough to catch my interest because when you walk up the first thing you see are antlers that they have attached to the outside of the store. My initial impression is that this was going to be a very interesting place to look around. When we made our way through the front door I was a tad bit overwhelmed. I am used to thrift stores being packed full of stuff and it being a little cramped, but this store gave me a new definition of that. This is a good and bad point in my book for the fact that it meant there was more stuff to look at, but it also meant that you had to be very careful. For me both applied, I was carrying a slightly large purse which I had to keep  close to me to avoid knocking anything over anywhere. Along with this I had to move stuff out of the way to get to items that I actually wanted to see. Despite the cramped interior their products were great! They had like things broken down into sections, the owner and sales clerk were friendly,and the products were reasonably priced for what you were getting. One thing that bothered me about the shop is the fact that they are not well advertised. They have a site, but they do not keep it updated and if it were not for a review site about the Dolly Python I would have never have even heard of the shop. I feel like they could upkeep their site better so that other buyers and I know when they get in new products that we would be interested in. Overall even though they do not upkeep their site and the store is cramped the employees and the product make the atmosphere and vibe of the shop. Overall this place was fun to visit, but there are some changes that I believe could be made.

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