My Attention Journal

I began keeping track of my online activity at 8:30.

8:30 – I open up my mac, and automatically open facebook, tumblr, and my personal blog. 

8:30 – turn on t.v. 

8:31 – get on tumblr and check how many new followers i have and how many notes my last photo got

8:33 – go through tags on tumblr 

8:47 – get on facebook and check notifications

8:49 – close facebook tab

8:49 – get on my email on my phone

8:51 – close out email 

8:52 – start to play slender 

9:01 – close out slender 

9:02 – get back on tumblr to answer messages

9:13 – log in to personal blog 

9:15 – write blog post

9:22 – close personal blog tab

9:24 – check facebook on my phone 

9:26 – close facebook

9:26 – get on instagram

9:29 – close instagram

9:29 – look at snapchat

9:31 – close snapchat

9:33 – get back on tumblr

I’d like to note that the entire time that i was doing all of these online activities, not only was i online, but i had the t.v. on in the background, and i was texting off and on every few minutes. 

Doing this attention journal made me realize just how much i do online and with all the media around me. I had the t.v. on, my phone next to me or in my hand, and my mac sitting on my lap. I also checked my facebook on my phone even though i had just had it up on my laptop which seems a bit excessive. I was staying connected to just about every form of media that would keep me connected to others all at once, and some at the same time even. With my multiple tabs open i bounced around at ease. Then there is the fact that once the attention activity was over i still bounced between tumblr, my phone, and my email, and i got stuck in a cycle. 

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