My Attention Journal (part 2)

During this part of the activity, i plan on spending my hour reading an ereserve article for my Media Politics class. Before i started this attention activity i meditated and did a few breathing exercising. 

10:30 – pull up ereserve article

10:31 – begin reading 

10:49 – answered text

10:50 – started reading again

11:03 – checked an email from work (on my phone)

11:04 – checked texts and responded 

11:05 – reading

11:30 – still reading 

I felt like i was doing pretty well until i got a text, there is quite a bit i have to do in the next few weeks and every text and email that i get has a bit of a sense of urgency behind it whether it is urgent or not. Once i picked up my phone my mind went to another place, i was already uninterested in the article and the distraction just got me further off course. I started out quite attentive after the meditation and breathing exercise though going into the reading with a clear and open mind, but my need to check my phone cluttered and hindered that. Although i am surprised i didn’t check my phone more often because it is usually glued to my hand. 

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