A Bar Full of Horrors?


H.P. Lovecraft is known for his sub culture of horror , but also for his bar too? The American author became so popular in Portland, Oregon that they have a dance bar dedicated too him. Funny enough Lovecraft was from Rhode Island, and doesn’t really have much connection to Oregon at all that I could find. Why Oregon has a Lovecraftian horror themed bar/dance club is a mystery that is not really explained, but it is quite odd and surely a place I would love to check out one of these days.

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Death’s Doll

"Sleeping Beauty" in her glass coffin

“Sleeping Beauty” in her glass coffin

The mummification process has been happening for about 5,000-7,000 years at this point in time, and after all of that practice we have managed to preserve humans and animals so that they are considered “art” in museums. Although we have managed to preserve the insides quite well the skin and features of the bodies are hard to hit right on the head and keep young and beautiful. There is an exception to this though; “Sleeping Beauty” they call her. Sleeping Beauty is identified to be a 2 year old Rosalina Lombardo (Italy) who is know know as the worlds most beautiful mummy . Not much is known about the mere toddlers life except for the fact that she was embalmed by Alfredo Salafia. The young girls body was preserved so well because of the mixture of  formalin, zinc salts, alcohol, salicylic acid and glycerin. She is on exhibit at the Capuchin Catacombs in Italy. She is deaths eternal playmate, deaths doll. 

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Bone Love

There are many different types of art out there, and oddities art is a coming of age movement that is just starting to take the world by storm! I have already introduced you to Forgotten Boneyard, an artist who takes bones and makes them everyday art and attatches them to household objects. Another coming of age artist is Jana Miller who created Bonelust Studio. She is a nature lover who makes bone jewelry. She uses the bones of animals to make ornamental one of a kind pieces. These necklaces are the next level of oddities art in the fact that they are so accessible and somewhat cheap for what you are getting. Bonelust Studio also does collaborations with Forgotten Boneyard which come out to be some amazing works of art, so be sure to check both of them out!

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Wine with a Bite



Bottled snake wine

Last night for lack of better things to do I re-watched an entire season of Oddities: San Francisco, when I realized there was an episode that I must have just glimpsed through before because I had missed one of the coolest items that I have ever seen on the show. A seller brought the ladies at the shop snake wine that he was looking to sell. I was unfamiliar with the item so accordingly I googled it. Snake wine is an Asian booze that contains the bodies of venomous snakes and sometimes scorpions as well. It is known as a cure all and there are still people in Asia that drink it. When googling where you can find this product and just how much I would have to pay for it, i stumbled upon an article about a woman in China who makes her own snake wine and was bit by the “dead” pickled snake that had been in the wine for three months! If i do end up buying a bottle I’m for sure going to make sure that its a few years old to be positive that the only thing in the bottle with a bite is the drink itself! 

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It’s a Frightmare

Any horror movie fanatic knows that its getting to be that time of year when the frights come out in the daytime, no it isn’t halloween its Texas Frightmare Weekend.   Last year I was unable to attend because of work, but this year I have high hopes of being able to attend. Upon attendance I am hoping to be able to meet the bone artist that my last post was about Forgotten Boneyard. He will be attending the 3rd -5th and selling some of his one of a kind pieces. There will be many guest attending such as George A. Romero the director of Night of the Living Dead and other “dead” movies, and actor Tobin Bell who played as Jigsaw in all of the SAW movies. There will be screenings of movies such as The Den,the world premiere [SX_Tape], Call Girl, and the world premiere of Circus of the Dead. Along with the screenings there will be parties held, a 666 horror movie trivia contest and of course the scariest thing of all karaoke! If you can’t make it out to any of the days of the actual event , Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is having a bit of a pre show where you can go and watch screenings of other popular horror movies such as The Blair Witch Project, and REPO! The Genetic Opera.

While horror movies are not technically an oddity in themselves I believe this festival to be quite odd in the attention that it draws, and some of the people who show up. I myself have always been a bit of a horror fanatic which drives the need to see the odd, grimy, gory things in real life. In fact some of the bone artist that i have come across such as Forgotten Boneyard are driven by their love of horror movies and it is what inspires them to make their odd art.


Texas Frightmare Weekend Logo 2014

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Creepy Little Art



Tim Prince – Scorpion


Mirror – Tim Prince

When I first started this blog, I went through Twitter excessively trying to find strange things, and one of them that I came to admire is one that came to me. Forgotten Boneyard is an artist that I am very proud to have following me and likewise be following in return. The pieces created by this mastermind are unique, terrifying, and adorable all at the same time. The best part is that all of the pieces are made of bone, or real animals that have either been mummified or turned into wet specimens.

Tim Prince is an artistic genius in my eyes. Of all my years of finding and playing with animal bones growing up, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought to make art out of them. Prince has taken the scientific aspect of bone arrangement and turned it into an art all his own making beautiful replicas of creatures to display along with taking the bones and creating his own “monstrosities”. The best part is, he does not just work in bone, but also mummifies animals, and most interestingly to me creates wet specimens (kind of like those you would see in a Biology class lab except more artistic). These beautiful pieces are like none I have ever seen before. His bone pieces range from skeletons of his imagination, to pieces where he is using bone to adorn mirrors and household items. The bone adorned mirrors are by far my favorite pieces that I have seen, there is a mystique that  is carried within the mirrors, and a beautiful parallel between life, death, and beauty. Prince also makes custom orders, if you have something creepy that you would like to come to life for you much like his deathly flowers. The one flaw I do believe this art carries with it though is not an artistic flaw, in fact I believe these pieces are flawless, but I do believe that the market of buyers for this type of art is limited. Most people do not even realize this type of art is out there just yet, but the great thing alongside that is the fact that buyers of this art are actively seeking it out and craving more. Prince himself has already been featured on countless websites and in Girls and Corpses Magazine, but personally I believe he deserves much more attention that he and his artwork have already received. Personally I am a huge fan of his works and adore his artistic style, and hope to own one of those gorgeous mirrors one of these days!

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Strange Supernodes

In class we have looked up supernode blogs, and I tried to find a supernode through twitter, but there were none that stuck out to me overall that I did not already follow so I quickly started stumbling through blogs and sites and where and what they would lead me to. Strangely enough one of the blogs that came up as an oddities supernode is a blog that I already follow on my personal Tumblr account. This tumblr account by Sarah Gill came up when I searched through some of the blogs that I follow for this blog.  Along with this tumblr that comes up as an oddities supernode there is also the Animal Planet Page that comes up, where an animal oddities blog is run. These two blogs have been linked before in common talk, but not majorly in the fact that while they do both talk about oddities they are very different aspects of odd. I was unaware that I was following an oddities supernode, and while this tumblr is mostly pictures of oddities, it has become very popular for oddities lovers and connects to small businesses such as Etsy.

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